How We Work

Your ongoing partner in innovation.

When you purchase a Solex heat exchanger, you’re not just buying a product – you’re gaining a partner.

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We specialize in finding innovative solutions to our customer’s problems, adapting and customizing our technology for more energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions across applications.

We collaborate closely with you throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. We’re there every step of the way - from engineering and development to installation, training and ongoing support.

How we work with you:

Initial Assessment

When you request a quote, we’ll reach out and begin an open dialogue about your application and the solution you need to have developed – whether that be in bulk solids heating, drying and cooling or in energy recovery, capture and storage.

We’ll answer any questions you may have and engage in a proactive discussion to learn all that we can about your specific situation and application requirements.

Once we have a full understanding of your process and needs, we’ll move forward into testing and modelling to form the basis for the application’s design.

Lab Testing

To engineer the ideal solution for your application, we conduct extensive analysis and evaluation of the thermal properties of the bulk material and determine the material flow characteristics. Learn more about how we use lab testing to obtain the necessary thermal properties for a known or proven application.

Mass flow

Thermal Modeling

Using ThermaPro, our proprietary theoretical thermal modeling software, we are able to calculate product temperature profiles at every point through the heat exchanger.

We are able to accurately model steam systems, multiple heat exchanger banks, co-current and counter-current flow of heat transfer media, drying evaporation loads, continuous flow and batch operations, and more.

This ensures that the heat exchangers being used in your application will perform as expected and meet your unique process requirements. This deep understanding of the thermal performance allows us to offer a guaranteed thermal performance.

On-Site Pilot Testing

In some circumstances, on-site pilot testing may be commissioned as a means to prove the concept in the field under realistic process conditions, using test units that closely duplicate full-size equipment. This on-site testing is tailored to analyze and validate many of the following for your specific application.

Equipment Commissioning

Prior to your installation, A Solex technical services representative may assist with pre-commissioning supervision and supply a pre-commissioning checklist to ensure you’re prepared for installation.

We supply you with detailed schematics and clearly explained instructions for installation.

Once installed, a qualified Solex technical services representative will be on-site to ensure your heat exchanger has been installed and operating according to your specifications.

Heat Exchanger Optimization

Our customer support team is able to validate and verify equipment and process performance in the field.

Upon request, we can work with you to identify and document opportunities for improvement in operational processes and efficiencies, including ways to reduce costs, reuse captured energy and ensure a superior end-product.

On-site TrainingInstallations Pfeifer and Langen

End-users training is available upon request and covers every aspect of equipment operation and proper maintenance for your Solex heat exchangers.

We arm you with detailed maintenance procedures to ensure your equipment will operate reliably for the long-term and provide step-by-step problem-solving processes for any equipment performance issues.

If your processes or operating conditions change or your equipment requires retrofitting, we’re happy to offer technical support.

Ongoing Maintenance & Spare Parts

With international distribution, we’re able to quickly supply both spare and replacement parts for all Solex heat exchangers, anywhere in the world.

Every Solex heat exchanger is designed and built to offer our customers at the highest possible quality and reliability. We stand behind all of our products with a comprehensive warranty.

Retrofitting, Refurbishing & Repurposing

In many cases it’s possible to retrofit, refurbish or repurpose old equipment that is still in operation to extend your equipment’s life, expand your capacity or adapt the equipment for use in another application or location.

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