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When you purchase a Solex heat exchanger, you’re not just buying a product. You’re gaining a partner. That’s why the Solex Technical Services department was established: to provide worldwide, world-class technical support for all of our clients. You can trust the experts at Solex to provide the training, equipment optimization and product support necessary to ensure efficient, long-term operation of your Solex heat exchanger.

The Solex Technical Services department can provide the following services to help maximize operational availability and reduce your operating and maintenance costs:

Start-up and commissioning assistance

  • Solex Technical Services will be on-site with your team to ensure your Solex heat exchanger has been installed according to specifications and is ready for commercial operation

Personnel training

  • Custom user training and instruction covers all aspects of equipment operation, integration and maintenance
  • Training can be conducted remotely or on-site, depending on your needs

Performance evaluation and equipment optimization

  • Solex Technical Services will evaluate whether your Solex equipment is operating as intended, while identifying and documenting opportunities for process and efficiency improvement
  • Service agreements can be established to best suit your operational requirements


  • Solex Technical Services provides technical support and design services for equipment upgrades, plant expansions, or as plant processes or operating conditions change

Spares and replacement parts

  • Solex provides spares and replacement parts for all Solex heat exchangers
  • Solex Technical Services is available to provide on-site technical support during component replacement


Solex’s technical services team is available to answer any questions regarding parts, servicing, training, equipment optimization and more. Email us to consult with a member of the Technical Services team, or request service today. 

This entry was last updated on May 22, 2020

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