5 things you didn't know about Solex

Solex Thermal Science continues to grow globally  and with that, we're being exposed to a number of different, exciting opportunities and cutting-edge applications. Our technology is being used today in ways we once couldn’t have imagined.

At the root of Solex lies our proprietary heat transfer technology. Here are five things you may not know about how our technology can be customized for more energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions across applications. 

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The Solex heat exchanger is capable of cooling and heating bulk granular solids using up to 90% less energy than traditional technologies that use air.

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Emissions, dust and odours are eliminated because air is not used in our indirect heating and cooling technology. Instead, fluids flow counter-currently through the plates.

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Slow and controlled movement of the product through the exchanger prevents product abrasion and degradation, so there is no change in particle characteristics or quality. Also, the product does not come in contact with fluids, so there is no contamination.

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Using mass flow, the product flows slowly through he heat exchanger at uniform velocity, resulting in a uniform temperature product.

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The vertical configuration gives the heat exchanger a small installation footprint, and it can be easily integrated into a new plant or retrofitted into existing plants. The equipment is ideal for capacity increases and streamlining facility processes.

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