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Trusted to innovate, proven to deliver

At Solex, we are more than just a heat exchanger manufacturer. We apply proven thermal science in innovative ways to find better, more efficient solutions to challenges both known and new.

Starting out as a division of Cominco Engineering Services (CESL) in 1989, the company was divided in 1999 to become Bulkflow Technologies. Today it is known as Solex Thermal Science - and we have been pioneering technology in the science of heating, cooling and drying free flowing bulk solids ever since. Our patented industrial heat exchanger technology produce near zero emissions, use 90% less energy and produce a superior end product at a cost savings for our customers.

We’re now using that same technology to change the landscape of energy capture, recovery and storage, expanding the boundaries of what’s possible in ways few could have predicted.

Our clients come to us with interesting challenges and rely on us to deliver trustworthy solutions for previously untested applications.

Rooted in science and powered by our people, we thrive on doing exactly that.

You’ll always work with an owner

Solex is an entirely employee-owned heat exchanger company, with a team focused on delivering superior results and service to our customers.

It's the collaboration, expertise and broad technical backgrounds of our tightly-knit team that empowers us to find innovative solutions where others cannot and deliver the kind of service that can only come from having an investment in your success.

Your partner in innovation from concept to completion

We work with you at every stage of the process - undertaking complex thermal modelling to find optimal solutions, conducting pilot testing when required and ensuring your installation is both seamless and optimized. Learn more about the Solex process.

There when you need us – worldwide

Our international team of experts is ready to provide sales and technical support whenever and wherever you need. We’ve delivered customized solutions for clients in more than 50 countries.

Our operations continue to expand on a global scale.

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