Bulk Powder

Heating Bulk Powder Using Solex Technology

Solex heat exchange technology is engineered specifically for heating free flowing bulk solid materials such as bulk powder. Solex has hundreds of heat exchangers installed in more than 43 countries in applications like heating bulk powder. Not only does Solex technology use up to 90% less energy while heating bulk powder, but it offers other remarkable process benefits as well. Watch this video to learn more about Solex heating technology for applications like heating bulk powder.

Bulk Powder Heating Video – technology explanation

How Solex Technology Works for Cooling Bulk Powder

Watch this video and learn how Solex technology works for heating bulk powder.

Plate Bank

Benefits of the Solex Technology for heating bulk powder

Solex indirect plate heat exchange technology operates without the use of air as the heating medium. Since no air is used in the heating process, emissions and dust are eliminated, the risk of product contamination is reduced, and installation costs are minimized due to the elimination of unnecessary air handling equipment.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
Low Operating Costs and Reliable Operation

The Solex heat exchanger is designed to operate without any moving parts, offering simple and easy maintenance and years of low cost and reliable operation when heating bulk powder.


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